Now You Too Can Perform Like a Porn Star!

“Performing in porn is like being a professional athlete.” ~ Anonymous porn star

Most men get intimidated by the ongoing sexual act and the display of long lasting erections by male porn stars. However, it is beyond expectations, how the life of porn actors who have sex for a living can be quite demanding, where they try really hard to maintain erections and stamina for long periods of time. They have to stay in shape all the time to perform. They do special exercises and take male enlargement pills like PHGH, which has some of the best reviews, to maintain an erection and avoid nervousness.

Moreover, porn videos are not made in a single shot and there are enough cuts in between to give the actors a break. There are videos that are shot over days and even weeks, but are edited to look like everything, including the multiple erections, happened in an hour or so. During such breaks, porn stars ensure adequate rest and consume super-nutritious food and drinks for the best performance. However, it is not the same in real life, where a man doesn’t have days, but just a few minutes to ensure a good performance. Visit and review sites like to know how does PHGH work and to read informative content about male enhancement pills.

Being a Porn Star is a Challenge

A porn star sometimes has to attain an erection in the most difficult circumstances, where they have to make love in the most uncomfortable setting, including too cold or too hot weather. Sometimes, they aren’t even attracted to their female co-star, whom they have to show such passion towards, while in other situations, it falls hard on them to convince their female co-workers, who they like, to be an interesting, well-rounded, fun guy who that girl might date in a parallel universe and enjoy a drink with. For a man who is not in the porn industry, it could be comparatively easier to woo a girl. However, they might stumble during the sexual act, in which the adult star appears to have expertise.

What is PHGH?

PHGH is a natural male enhancement supplement created by a former male adult star, John Lawrence. These pills have been receiving positive reviews so far. The porn star, who has starred in more than 100 adult productions during his career, tried hundreds of the best male enhancement products, yet remain unsatisfied due to the poorly extracted ingredients and harmful chemicals used in those supplements. He also saw some of his co-actors having erection problems, which pushed John to realize the need for natural and effective erectile dysfunction (ED) supplements. The adult star claims PHGH to be “pure and untainted,” formulated with 100% natural ingredients that work to improve penis size, as well as the quality and duration of erections, while increasing a man’s sexual desire.

Ingredients Used

As mentioned above, PHGH consists of completely natural ingredients like Arginine, which increases blood flow to give you the much required boost during the sexual act, Horny Goat Weed, which has a terrific aphrodisiac effect to boost sexual performance, while enhancing sex drive and erection quality. Ingredients like Tribulus Terrestis restore testosterone levels, Lepidium Meyenii or Maca increases libido, along with the semen quality, Tonkat Ali increases male virility, and none of them are potentially harmful. However, it is Tribulus Terrestris, a potent aphrodisiac, that boosts testosterone that Lawrence calls “the backbone of PHGH.”

PHGH reviews indicate a significant reduction in the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation, along with an increase in sexual desire, strength and stamina. Definitely, worth giving a try!