7 Healthy Ways a Good Sex Life Can Benefit You

Have you ever thought why you feel so good after sex? First and foremost, we feel happy because during sex, we are living in the present moment, fully engaged and paying complete attention to the experiences our body is going through. However, the main reason of feeling good is that sex releases a cocktail of feel good chemicals, hormones and endorphins, which instantly boosts our mood and happiness levels.

According to sexual enhancement pills reviews, published on LeadingMaleEnhancement.com, Erectzan, VigRX Plus and Maxis10 are the top 3 sex pills for men that help increase penis size and improve sexual performance, further enhancing the happiness quotient.

7 Health Benefits of Sex

  1. Improves the Immune System: Research shows that people who have sex more often have a stronger defensive mechanism against diseases, with a definite boost to their immune system. Doctors explain that sex increases the levels of IgA or immunoglobulin A in the body, which increases the body’s resistance to diseases like the flu.
  2. Keeps Blood Pressure in Control: High blood pressure is never good for the body, since it has highly negative consequences on our physical and mental health. Sex, and more precisely the orgasm, has the ability to lower blood pressure. During an orgasm, the release of a feel good hormone called oxytocin is stimulated in the body, which lowers blood pressure.
  3. Burns Calories: Sex uses various muscles and instantly bumps up your heart rate, becoming a good accompaniment to exercise. Although the calories you burn would not be much when compared to an intense cardio workout or even a half hour walk on the treadmill, using about five calories per minute, sex would definitely count.
  4. Good for Heart: Lowering the risk of heart attack, sex or more precisely a good sex life is really good for your heart. Many medical studies show that people who have sex consistently are less likely to die from a heart disease.
  5. Blocks Pain: If you are suffering from pain and want to take a painkiller, have an orgasm instead. During orgasm, a hormone is released in your body that raises your pain bearing capacity. To reduce arthritic pain, back pain and leg pain, menstrual cramps and headaches, even self-stimulation of the genitals can do wonders.
  6. Provide Relief in Stress: Firstly, the idea of being intimate with your loved one can provide a lot of relief from any sort of anxiety and stress, which will boost your happiness levels and self-esteem. Moreover, when you hug or even touch your partner, the body releases feel good hormones that only add to your pleasure.
  7. Lets You Sleep Better: Have you ever realized that after having sex you slept more quickly and soundly? Many of us suffer from the lack of sleep, where we spend half of the night tossing and turning in bed. Sex not only increases intimacy amongst couples but makes it easier for them to fall asleep. During sex, the oxytocin level increases and cortisol level decreases, both of which leave you in a highly relaxed state and you instantly fall asleep after the act.

For the best possible sexual experience, you can try one of the top 3 sex pills for Men, Erectzan, VigRX Plus and Maxis10, to improve your sexual stamina and maximize health benefits. The reviews of these male enhancement products are positive, saying that they do not lead to harmful side effects.

What are the Top 3 Sex Pills for Men?

Sexual problems like infertility and ED are on the rise in every part of the world, and modern lifestyle is to blame. With age, erectile dysfunction becomes more prevalent, affecting over 40% of 40 year-olds. While many men prefer not to talk about it, others go for prescription medicines, which often have side-effects and take several months to show improvement.

Herbal supplements, on the other hand, are both effective and safe to use. Nature boasts of a number of potent aphrodisiacs and testosterone-boosters that offer additional benefits like better stamina, increased sperm count and prostate support. To know what the top 3 sex pills for men, based on reviews published Men’s Health Digest are, read on.


An overwhelmingly popular and successful male enhancement product, Erectzan has been satisfied customers worldwide. The reason is simple—it helps achieve not just harder, but longer-lasting erections using a unique formula. Erectzan is an all-round product, as it promotes libido and induces intense orgasms. Reviews on male enhancement products all over the internet vouch for its side-effects free formula, unlike prescription medicines that claim to have the same benefits.
The manufacturing company adheres to FDA’s safety standards, and yet manages to offer wide-ranging benefits to the user. Unlike other formulations in the market, Erectzan also addresses premature ejaculation and alcohol-induced ED.

This top sex pill helps reach maximum penile size in just 3-4 months of consuming it twice daily. The formulation is free from Yohimbe or other ingredients that might need a prescription. Erectzan also impresses on customer satisfaction, offering a 60-day money back guarantee.

VigRX Plus

With an increase of 47% when it comes to overall sex drive, and a 59% boost in penetrative ability, VigRX puts all its competitors to shame. Stats clearly indicate the effectiveness of VigRX Plus, a herbal supplement that claims to put your sex life back on track. What’s more—users of this product report getting erections that look and feel bigger to their partners. This is no surprise when you find out that the ingredients used to formulate VigRX Plus include red ginseng, hawthorn berry, palmetto berry, and epimedium.

VigRX Plus was born after 10 years of study into male sexual health. Optimized dosing for consistent results also make it a successful male enhancement product. The manufacturers choose only the freshest ingredients to take you decades back as far as sexual drive and performance is considered.


The perfect supplement for men aged 35 or more, Maxis10 does the dual job of giving you optimum sexual stamina and providing excellent prostate support, better urinary function, and better sleep. The pill has ingredients sourced from Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America. The inclusion of L-arginine, an amino acid that is crucial for maintaining nitric oxide levels in the body, helps improve blood flow to the penis. Maxis10 is affordable as well, and has 90 pills per bottle.

Blood flow is central to having healthy erections, and this can be achieved only with a relaxation mechanism. Using a powerful inhibitor to help the vessels in the penis relax, Maxis10 facilitates erections in the most natural way possible.

The Core Ingredient of a Long Lasting Relationship

John and Sara met in college, when they were 18. They fell in love and got married at 22. They were setting examples of love, romance, trust and adventure. However, after a few years, things started getting predictable and they were no longer excited about being with each other. So, what went wrong?

Modern couples need to understand that there is a strong psychological effect that frequent sex has in a marriage, even if it is been years. Sexual intimacy has been proven to fill the gap between partners, often seen in long term relationships as a result of boredom. Sex gives individuals the opportunity to rekindle a much required level of intimacy in their relationship. According to reviews on DoesPHGHWork.com say that the best male enlargement pills on the market like Maxis 10, TenGenix and PHGH can help with this aspect of the relationship, by improving the size and quality of erections, while taking the libido to new heights.

Conventional Basis of a Relationship

  • Trust: Trust is the basis of any long term relationship. This is what helps you confide in them, knowing that your secrets and worries are safe with them.
  • Honesty: Honesty nurtures the bond, whereas dishonesty destroys marriages. Honesty is not only applicable to the physical and emotional aspects of the
    marriage, but financial as well.
  • Openness: When couples are open with each other, again physically, emotionally and financially, they can help each other more effectively. In addition, good communication is vital for a strong relationship.

Sexual Intimacy Can Top Them All

Have you ever noticed what sets you and your spouse apart from being roommates or even just being best friends? It is the one things that is not supposed to be shared with anyone other than your committed partner. This is why intercourse becomes a unique way both partners express Their love and passion to each other.

Research shows that couples with a good relationship usually have a good sex life, where the reverse is true for strained relationships. Interestingly, there is a very strong and inseparable connection between the relationship and the bedroom. Those who connect well in the bedroom are eventually forced to connect in the outside world too. Men’s enhancement products, such as  Maxis 10, TenGenix and PHGH, give you the strength, stamina and sexual desire to keep the spark alive in your sex life.

Sex is Good for Health

Many scientific studies have shown that during an orgasm, a neurotransmitter called oxytocin is released into certain parts of the brain, driving humans to form love and trust bonds, and reduce the feeling of fear in them, making orgasms feel pleasurable.

During sex, there is a significant increase in the heart rate too. This helps burn calories, reduce stress and helps people sleep better after intercourse. The entire process further promotes a stronger immune system. It is for these reasons that people who have an active sex life are found to live longer, than those who don’t.

When looking for the best male enlargement pills on the market to boost your performance, PHGH, Maxis10 and TenGenix, consisting of all natural ingredients, and with negligible or no side-effects, should be considered.

Top 5 Qualities Women Look for in a Man

When the City Harvest Church’s advisory chairman, AR Bernard, turned his teachings on manhood into a New York Times bestseller, he gave us “Four Things Women Want from a Man.” The book suggests maturity, decisiveness, consistency and strength as the four most important things a woman looks for in a male partner. And when these essential traits are identified and cultivated, it leads to a happy, satisfying and long-lasting relationship.

The problem however, is that not every woman is looking for the same things, even where these traits are concerned. Even the most experienced relationship experts across the globe are still trying to discover the perfect formula that would work every time. On the other hand, reviews of male enhancement supplements that work on DoesPHGHWork.com do suggest that being able to provide sexual satisfaction does help a relationship significantly. With the overall health benefits offered by male enlargement pills, such as Biomanix and PHGH, you can actually turn into the ageless man, who have large reserves of libido, stamina and more.

Qualities a Woman Wants in Her Man

  • Strength: Modern women are no longer looking for someone to protect them. However, there are many more ways a man can prove his strength. A woman would totally respect a man who can step up in times of conflict, being able to grab every opportunity to support her.
  • Good Sexual Performance: Sex is important in a relationship and women are becoming vocal about it. It not only nurtures the bond but has health benefits as well. Men should have the right attitude and know the right techniques to stimulate and pleasure their female partners. Of course, it does help if you can sustain a good erection for longer. This can be achieved with male enlargement pills like Biomaxin and PHGH.
  • Independence: Although a woman loves to take care of her man, she would be happier to be with someone who is capable and independent enough to make his own decisions, while doing his routine chores without asking for any help. Never be that man who is in constant need of reassurance, companionship, help, motivation and advice. It is a big turnoff.
  • Good Looks: An ageless male is very desirable. If he is fit and healthy, he will automatically look good too. And if you are well-groomed, you don’t need to have the most handsome face, you will again automatically look good. Wearing clothes that fit, keeping yourself in shape, smelling good, having a nice haircut – smart is sexy for most women.
  • Excellent Communication Skills: Most women like men who they can talk to, without hesitation and for long hours. Men should be able to express themselves and most importantly, willing to listen to their lady love. Many “action oriented” guys find talking and listening really hard at such moments. So, make sure to cultivate your communication skills.

Finally, male enlargement pills like Biomanix and PHGH, consisting of all natural ingredients, when consumed on a regular basis, not only improve your performance in bed but in life as well, providing you the much required strength and stamina.

When Erectile Dysfunction Becomes Problematic

Erectile Dysfunction is more prevalent than statistics tell us, given that many of us do not seek a medical diagnosis for the condition. Unfortunately, ED problems do have an impact on one’s relationships, adversely impacting trust, intimacy and closeness.

Unable to sustain an erection, the man starts withdrawing both physically and emotionally from his partner, mainly because of fear of failure. Erectile dysfunction does more than simply remove a sexual activity from a partnership, it can have significant psychological effect on the female partner too. The good news, however, is that there are numerous natural solutions for ED available over the counter, according to reviews on DoesPHGHWork.com. Here’s a look at how ED can affect a relationship.

Ways ED Problems Ruins a Relationship

  • Psychological Effects on WomanThe female partner, who is often unaware of her partner’s condition, starts believing that he is losing interest in her, which is totally not true. In an attempt to hide frustration and embarrassment at being unable to achieve or sustain an erection, the male partner might begin avoiding intimacy. This not only affects the relationship, but has psychological consequences for both partners, who might lost self-confidence.
  • Promotes Bitterness and Resentment, Eventually CheatingCouples experience elevated levels of stress after ED strikes, where both start withdrawing from each other over time. The woman, often disappointed in her partner, might even initiate an affair with another man. In many cases, the ED victim calls for an end to the relationship, especially if the ED problems have left them unable to share their fears with their partner. Being unable to perform sexually at times even evokes fears of abandonment and rejection. Such individuals, living in fears, prefer ending their relationship to avoid being hurt or rejected by their partner and save themselves from betrayal and infidelity beforehand.
  • Work SuffersStudies shows that ED not only affects a man’s relationship with his partner but also affects the way he interacts with friends and co-workers. Lost confidence and morale can eventually be detected in his conversations, as he might not be able to fake confidence for long. The lack of self esteem and confidence also decreases productivity at work. In order to avoid open discussions about erectile dysfunction, many men shy away from even seeing a medical professional or seeking help in any form. This then leads to the psychological impact continuing, if not growing.
  • Natural Solutions For ED

Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, such as PHGH, are formulated using 100% natural ingredients like Arginine, such that none of them are potentially harmful. ED supplements tend to increase blood flow in the penile region, helping maintain a much longer and firmer erection, giving the man the boost he needs to perform during sex. These pills prove to be very beneficial in erectile dysfunction care and can even be ordered anonymously online.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction and Male Enhancement Product as a Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is an inability to develop or maintain penile erection during sexual activity with one’s partner. The way an erection occurs is that blood rushes to the penile region, engorging the chamber. The blood is retained in sponge-like bodies present within the penis. The process is usually the result of sexual arousal, when the signals are transmitted from the brain to nerves in the penis. However, when the blood flow is either disrupted or not retained in the chamber, the erection might be lost, leading to erectile dysfunction (ED). This in turn makes it difficult to practice penetrative sex and, in many cases, adversely affects the self-confidence or self-esteem of the male partner.

Causes of ED

Male arousal involves the man’s brain, hormones, nerves, emotions, muscles and blood vessels. Any problem with any of these can causes erectile dysfunction. Stress, anxiety and mental health conditions can further worsen the condition.

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological problems, side effects of various drugs, and hormonal insufficiencies are the major organic causes of impotence. Other physical causes include clogged blood vessels, high blood pressure, obesity and even Parkinson’s disease.

When Does ED Become Problematic?

When ED becomes an ongoing issue, it can highly affect one’s self-confidence. It creates a stressful situation which creates problems in relationships. An underlying health condition could be a possible reason, which means that it is useful to consult a physician to understand the causes of the problem. If there is no underlying medical condition, there are various male enhancement supplements that can help.

How can Male Enlargement Products Help?

Male enhancement pills are products that aim to enhance sexual stamina, libido or the quality of erection in men. These male enhancement pills relax the muscles of the penis and temporarily increase the blood flow to help one get and sustain an erection in order to have penetrative sex. However, these pills will only treat the physical symptoms of ED, and not the underlying cause, which could be either physical or psychological.

The review of natural male enhancement pills on Male Health Digest says that they can be used to treat erectile dysfunction and can be prescribed to you by health practitioner, safely and legally. Pills like Male Extra and Extenze are some of the most popular supplements in this category.

The benefits of Male Extra come directly from its natural ingredients, including Pomegranate, Mujra Puama, L-Arginine, and Epimedium Sagittatum. Similarly, Extenze, with its natural composition, also works well to stimulate blood flow to the penis, which leads to larger and longer erections.


The most commonly reported side effects are dizziness, nausea and headaches. These are also reported to subside after some time. Many male enlargement products are completely natural herbal and no prolonged side effects have been reported for them.

For best results, make sure you follow the dosage instructions carefully and consult a doctor if you find that you might be allergic to any of the ingredients.