The Core Ingredient of a Long Lasting Relationship

John and Sara met in college, when they were 18. They fell in love and got married at 22. They were setting examples of love, romance, trust and adventure. However, after a few years, things started getting predictable and they were no longer excited about being with each other. So, what went wrong?

Modern couples need to understand that there is a strong psychological effect that frequent sex has in a marriage, even if it is been years. Sexual intimacy has been proven to fill the gap between partners, often seen in long term relationships as a result of boredom. Sex gives individuals the opportunity to rekindle a much required level of intimacy in their relationship. According to reviews on say that the best male enlargement pills on the market like Maxis 10, TenGenix and PHGH can help with this aspect of the relationship, by improving the size and quality of erections, while taking the libido to new heights.

Conventional Basis of a Relationship

  • Trust: Trust is the basis of any long term relationship. This is what helps you confide in them, knowing that your secrets and worries are safe with them.
  • Honesty: Honesty nurtures the bond, whereas dishonesty destroys marriages. Honesty is not only applicable to the physical and emotional aspects of the
    marriage, but financial as well.
  • Openness: When couples are open with each other, again physically, emotionally and financially, they can help each other more effectively. In addition, good communication is vital for a strong relationship.

Sexual Intimacy Can Top Them All

Have you ever noticed what sets you and your spouse apart from being roommates or even just being best friends? It is the one things that is not supposed to be shared with anyone other than your committed partner. This is why intercourse becomes a unique way both partners express Their love and passion to each other.

Research shows that couples with a good relationship usually have a good sex life, where the reverse is true for strained relationships. Interestingly, there is a very strong and inseparable connection between the relationship and the bedroom. Those who connect well in the bedroom are eventually forced to connect in the outside world too. Men’s enhancement products, such as  Maxis 10, TenGenix and PHGH, give you the strength, stamina and sexual desire to keep the spark alive in your sex life.

Sex is Good for Health

Many scientific studies have shown that during an orgasm, a neurotransmitter called oxytocin is released into certain parts of the brain, driving humans to form love and trust bonds, and reduce the feeling of fear in them, making orgasms feel pleasurable.

During sex, there is a significant increase in the heart rate too. This helps burn calories, reduce stress and helps people sleep better after intercourse. The entire process further promotes a stronger immune system. It is for these reasons that people who have an active sex life are found to live longer, than those who don’t.

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