When Erectile Dysfunction Becomes Problematic

Erectile Dysfunction is more prevalent than statistics tell us, given that many of us do not seek a medical diagnosis for the condition. Unfortunately, ED problems do have an impact on one’s relationships, adversely impacting trust, intimacy and closeness.

Unable to sustain an erection, the man starts withdrawing both physically and emotionally from his partner, mainly because of fear of failure. Erectile dysfunction does more than simply remove a sexual activity from a partnership, it can have significant psychological effect on the female partner too. The good news, however, is that there are numerous natural solutions for ED available over the counter, according to reviews on DoesPHGHWork.com. Here’s a look at how ED can affect a relationship.

Ways ED Problems Ruins a Relationship

  • Psychological Effects on WomanThe female partner, who is often unaware of her partner’s condition, starts believing that he is losing interest in her, which is totally not true. In an attempt to hide frustration and embarrassment at being unable to achieve or sustain an erection, the male partner might begin avoiding intimacy. This not only affects the relationship, but has psychological consequences for both partners, who might lost self-confidence.
  • Promotes Bitterness and Resentment, Eventually CheatingCouples experience elevated levels of stress after ED strikes, where both start withdrawing from each other over time. The woman, often disappointed in her partner, might even initiate an affair with another man. In many cases, the ED victim calls for an end to the relationship, especially if the ED problems have left them unable to share their fears with their partner. Being unable to perform sexually at times even evokes fears of abandonment and rejection. Such individuals, living in fears, prefer ending their relationship to avoid being hurt or rejected by their partner and save themselves from betrayal and infidelity beforehand.
  • Work SuffersStudies shows that ED not only affects a man’s relationship with his partner but also affects the way he interacts with friends and co-workers. Lost confidence and morale can eventually be detected in his conversations, as he might not be able to fake confidence for long. The lack of self esteem and confidence also decreases productivity at work. In order to avoid open discussions about erectile dysfunction, many men shy away from even seeing a medical professional or seeking help in any form. This then leads to the psychological impact continuing, if not growing.
  • Natural Solutions For ED

Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, such as PHGH, are formulated using 100% natural ingredients like Arginine, such that none of them are potentially harmful. ED supplements tend to increase blood flow in the penile region, helping maintain a much longer and firmer erection, giving the man the boost he needs to perform during sex. These pills prove to be very beneficial in erectile dysfunction care and can even be ordered anonymously online.