What are the Top 3 Sex Pills for Men?

Sexual problems like infertility and ED are on the rise in every part of the world, and modern lifestyle is to blame. With age, erectile dysfunction becomes more prevalent, affecting over 40% of 40 year-olds. While many men prefer not to talk about it, others go for prescription medicines, which often have side-effects and take several months to show improvement.

Herbal supplements, on the other hand, are both effective and safe to use. Nature boasts of a number of potent aphrodisiacs and testosterone-boosters that offer additional benefits like better stamina, increased sperm count and prostate support. To know what the top 3 sex pills for men, based on reviews published Men’s Health Digest are, read on.


An overwhelmingly popular and successful male enhancement product, Erectzan has been satisfied customers worldwide. The reason is simple—it helps achieve not just harder, but longer-lasting erections using a unique formula. Erectzan is an all-round product, as it promotes libido and induces intense orgasms. Reviews on male enhancement products all over the internet vouch for its side-effects free formula, unlike prescription medicines that claim to have the same benefits.
The manufacturing company adheres to FDA’s safety standards, and yet manages to offer wide-ranging benefits to the user. Unlike other formulations in the market, Erectzan also addresses premature ejaculation and alcohol-induced ED.

This top sex pill helps reach maximum penile size in just 3-4 months of consuming it twice daily. The formulation is free from Yohimbe or other ingredients that might need a prescription. Erectzan also impresses on customer satisfaction, offering a 60-day money back guarantee.

VigRX Plus

With an increase of 47% when it comes to overall sex drive, and a 59% boost in penetrative ability, VigRX puts all its competitors to shame. Stats clearly indicate the effectiveness of VigRX Plus, a herbal supplement that claims to put your sex life back on track. What’s more—users of this product report getting erections that look and feel bigger to their partners. This is no surprise when you find out that the ingredients used to formulate VigRX Plus include red ginseng, hawthorn berry, palmetto berry, and epimedium.

VigRX Plus was born after 10 years of study into male sexual health. Optimized dosing for consistent results also make it a successful male enhancement product. The manufacturers choose only the freshest ingredients to take you decades back as far as sexual drive and performance is considered.


The perfect supplement for men aged 35 or more, Maxis10 does the dual job of giving you optimum sexual stamina and providing excellent prostate support, better urinary function, and better sleep. The pill has ingredients sourced from Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America. The inclusion of L-arginine, an amino acid that is crucial for maintaining nitric oxide levels in the body, helps improve blood flow to the penis. Maxis10 is affordable as well, and has 90 pills per bottle.

Blood flow is central to having healthy erections, and this can be achieved only with a relaxation mechanism. Using a powerful inhibitor to help the vessels in the penis relax, Maxis10 facilitates erections in the most natural way possible.