What Makes PHGH a ‘Different’ Male Enhancer?

Do you know what many adult stars don’t want you to know? That they DO NOT naturally keep it up on the sets. Adult stars use male enhancement supplements to do so. John Lawrence, a male porn star, who starred in over 100 films, created PHGH when the “other” pills stopped working for him. PHGH is the result of an adult star’s desperate need to keep performing at his best in an adult career.

During that time, he researched hundreds of different ingredients and read numerous male enhancement reviews and what he discovered was shocking. He found that most male enhancement pills are severely lacking in the key components that make them effective.

Why Most Male Enhancement Products Don’t Work

  • They are completely devoid of any ingredients that actually work.
  • They contain required ingredients in such minuscule amounts that they become useless.
  • Some illegally contain elements of pharmaceutical drugs, unknown to the user.
  • Many use only powdered versions of certain ingredients, instead of using extracts.
  • The supplements that claim to contain extracts often use invalid extraction processes, rendering the active ingredients essentially useless.

What Does PHGH Do?

After reading the shortcoming of most male enhancers, it is but obvious to ask, what does PHGH do that others don’t? Unlike its competitors, which use only one active ingredient, PHGH uses five to enhance male sexual health. There is a strong reason behind using 5 active ingredients in this pill. The manufacturer believes that because all men respond differently to each compound, it is essential to use all five ingredients for best results.

PHGH is a tested and proven male enhancement product. It is formulated with exotic herbs that enhance sexual stamina and enable the user to attain longer and harder erections by improving the flow of blood to the penile region. This is the product you should use to enjoy prolonged sex.

Active Ingredients Present in PHGH

The five ingredients used in the making of this supplement help the individual attain stronger erections, while also increasing libido and improving sex drive.

  1. L-arginine – Helps make erections larger by improving the blood flow to the penis.
  2. Tribulus Terrestris – Enables the body to release testosterone, which helps the person enjoy sex with full energy.
  3. Epimedium – Also referred to as Horny Goat Weed, Epimedium enhances the level of nitric oxide.
  4. Tongkat Ali – Usually found in Indonesia, Tongkat Ali increases the production of testosterone.
  5. Maca – This is a root vegetable and medicinal herb containing active compounds that help balance hormone levels.

Benefits Offered

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules twice daily for at least 14 days. Those having used the pills regularly say that PHGH results in naturally bigger, harder and longer erections. The erections are also achieved more quickly, without sexual dysfunction or premature ejaculation. This pill ensures a greater number of sexual encounters in the same time span, due to faster recovery rates.

In addition to a lot more powerful orgasms, PHGH, a natural male enhancement supplement, will also enhance your physical well being due to the beneficial herbs used. Anyone who wants to feel rejuvenated like a teenager, PHGH is the way to go as it improves an individual’s overall sex drive.